DJ Burn One & Rittz - White Jesus

DJ Burn One & Rittz - White Jesus

Okay after that last mixtape I had to put something new in my ear quick. A white guy who raps, okay cool. Cover and mixtape title pretty gangsta so this has to be an improvement. 12 Tracks to get buried in The DJ Burn One & Rittz - White Jesus goes hard unfortunately not even close to hard enough. I mean this rap is so basic its like 1 + 1. I will say some of the beats have had me mezmorized. Don't worry if yo miss the Big K.R.I.T. and Yelawolf song. Best part of the album is the beats.

DJ Burn One & Rittz - Blowin My Mind


DJ Burn One & Rittz - Sleep At Night ft Yelawolf


Sound Production/Beats/Music Quality = 3.5/5

Flows/Song Concepts/Lyrics = 1.5/5

Listening Value/Download Worth/Playability = 2/5

As always everyone’s taste in music is different and my thoughts are not necessarily a result of anything meaningful. Read at your own risk :)

01 - White Jesus
02 - Crazy
03 - High Five
04 - Fulla Shit Ft Big Krit And Yelawolf
05 - Blowin My Mind
06 - Nowhere To Run
07 - Rattle Back
08 - Sleep At Night Ft Yelawolf
09 - Sextacy
10 - Dixxxie Cup
11 - No Friends Ft Shawty Fatt
12 - Pie Ft 8Ball

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