Eviction Notice Review By DJ Diva


Red Cafe's Eviction Notice is a compliation of drug tales and gangster profiling. After listening to this mixtape, if you takes notes you could probably be the next Nino Brown. Red included a host of mainstream rappers and some unknowns. Lyn Carter sounds like a replica of Amil, but she's acceptable on these hard tracks. Sean Kingston is no Akon, but Red Cafe got the necessary annoying singing from him. Red Cafe should score a hit with this one amongst his fan base.

Notable cuts: #3, #4, #11, 14

Top 5 Banging Beats worth listening to:

-Brooklyn Money (a head knocker..the piano is sharp over the snare)

-Paper Touchin [remix] (this song is just hot!)

-Bam Bam (you gotta love the classic reggae beat!)

-Dolla Bill [remix] (club banger)

-Cowards Ain't Neva There (I really dig the horns and 70's black film feel to it)

Track Listing:

1. Intro [Prod. By Konkrete Kaos, DJ Ron & DJ Shusta) - Red Cafe
2. High School Bulls**t - Red Cafe
3. Brooklyn Money - Red Cafe feat. Ross Fortune & Lyn Carter
4. Paper Touchin [remix] - Red Cafe feat. Jadakiss, Fabolous, Cassidy & Ace Hood
5. A Milli - Red Cafe feat. Ross Fortune
6. Bam Bam - Red Cafe
7. Halftime Show - Red Cafe feat. Ross Fortune & Lyn Carter
8. Cadillac - Red Cafe
9. The Worst Rapper Awards . . .And The Contestants Are
10. Dope Boyz - Red Cafe feat. Fabolous
11. The People - Red Cafe
12. A Tree Grew In Brooklyn - Red Cafe
13. Dolla Bill [remix] - Red Cafe feat. Jermaine Dupri & Juelz Santana
14. Cowards Ain't Neva There - Red Cafe feat. Ross Fortune & Lyn Carter
15. Playin Wit It - Red Cafe
16. On Da Block - Red Cafe feat. Ross Fortune & Sean Kingston
17. We Got It - Red Cafe
18. The Dope Game - Red Cafe
19. I Ain't Scared - Red Cafe
20. Buck Buck - Red Cafe
21. Take The Game Over - Red Cafe
22. The Worst Rapper Awards . . . And The Winner Is
23. Life Of A Millionaire - Red Cafe
24. Wildstyle - Red Cafe
25. Gullyside - Red Cafe feat. Movado
26. Dreams - Red Cafe feat. Ross Fortune & Lynn Carter

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