BMoney Grenier - R&B Money Mixtape Review

BMoney Grenier - R&B Money

I have not done an R & B mixtape review in a minute here so I was excited to dig into this one that just pooped up online. I think Bmoney is from Canada so we shall see how he hits these American ears. Cover sucks and makes me nauseous for more reasons then 1. Go go 15 tracks without features one time. Be the next Sammie. The BMoney Grenier – R&BMoney seems confused. I do not think this guy knows if he is a rapper, a electronic club music producer, a rocker, an R & B singer an ????. I mean pick an identity. I mean the music is okay but come on pick a genre you ain’t the renaissance man of music. Practicing one style of music would do this mixtape wonders. If I had to pick well I guess.

BMoney Grenier - Don't Change


BMoney Grenier -  Nuthin'

I'll stick with Drake for my Canadian R&B fix :)

Sound Production/Beats/Music Quality = 3.5/5

Flows/Song Concepts/Lyrics = 2.5/5

Listening Value/Download Worth/Playability = 3/5

As always everyone’s taste in music is different and my thoughts are not necessarily a result of anything meaningful. Read at your own risk :)

01. R&Bmoney
02. Number One
03. Wherever You Go
04. Good Thing
05. Skit (Fuck Bmoney)
06. Nuthin'
07. Too Fancy
08. Don't Let Me Down
09. Bizznazz
10. I Don't Know Why
11. One More Time
12. Don't Change
13. Cry
14. Gone
15. In Yo Face

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