Novi Novak - Hibernation's Over Mixtape Review

Sometimes you have to listen to a mixtape just based on the cover alone and this was one of those times. I have no idea what the name Novi Novak means but hopefully I will find out by giving the mixtape a spin. Time to come out of hibernation. Hopefully the 16 are as clever as the cover. The Novi Novak - Hibernation's Over mixtape is pretty average. The lyrics and production are pretty standard. At times there are some pretty good lines over tight beats but for the most part this sounds like a poor version of a lot of whats already out there. With some better hooks and overall song concepts the mixtape could be improved on. It's not good when your best song is a Black & Yellow cover. Who does sound bad over that beat? I mean Tom Hanks kid Chaz even killed that track. If I had to go with 2 songs from this I would most likely grab.

Novi Novak - If I


Novi Novak - Hooked On The Feel

Unfortunately none of the songs made my I-Pad or mixtape list.

Sound Production/Beats/Music Quality = 3.5/5

Flows/Song Concepts/Lyrics = 3/5

Listening Value/Download Worth/Playability = 2.5/5

As always everyone’s taste in music is different and my thoughts are not necessarily a result of anything meaningful. Read at your own risk :)
01 - Novi Novak - Hibernations Over
03 - Novi Novak - Reason Number 1
04 - Novi Novak - Black And Yellow Remix (Voted Best Re
05 - Novi Novak - Bang This
06 - Novi Novak - If I
07 - Novi Novak - Want Me Gone
09 - Novi Novak - In With The Old Skit
11 - Novi Novak - Ransom Freestyle
12 - Novi Novak - I Said Go
13 - Novi Novak - Hooked On The Feel
14 - Novi Novak - Go Home
16 - Novi Novak - Stupid (Real Talk Bars)

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