Chip Tha Ripper - Gift Raps Mixtape Review

One mixtape that is quickly making the circuit is a new joint from Southern stylist Chip Tha Ripper. I was hoping this mixtape would be a gift after seeing the cover. Cover is very clever and eye appealing. True Santa Clause. 13 songs and no features so I could not wait to open up these download presents. For the most part this mixtape is way too simple and mediocre. Chip Tha Ripper - Gift Raps mixtape is nothing to really get excited about. The raps and beats try to sound futuristic yet they sound like they from the 80's and sound pretty average. There are barley any connections or concepts on the album as well, which does not help its cause either. This is one of the first mixtapes where I am probably not even keeping a song but if I was forced it would maybe be.....

Chip Tha Ripper – Light One Up

For me this one was one yawner.

Sound Production/Beats/Music Quality = 2/5

Flows/Song Concepts/Lyrics = 1.5/5

Listening Value/Download Worth/Playability = 1.5/5

As always everyone’s taste in music is different and my thoughts are not necessarily a result of anything meaningful. Read at your own risk :)

01 The Entrance - Prod. By Chip, Duke & Juilo
02 Light One Up
03 U.A.F.
04 The Big Bang
05 Everyday Chillin
06 The Coldest
07 Life
08 Dynoman
09 Jumanji
10 Hang Out
11 Plural - Co. Prod. By Blended Babies
12 Underdogs
13 The Bio

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