Stay Fresherr Presents Key Notez - Whoz Key Notez Mixtape Review

Stay Fresherr Presents Key Notez - Whoz Key Notez

New mixtape review and I guess it's time to try and find out who Key Notez is....  By the looks of his mixtape cover I am not expecting to find much harmony. Hopefully Stay Fresherr makes these 21 tracks better then the cover. The Stay Fresherr Presents Key Notez - Whoz Key Notez mixtape is not produced or put together all that well. Beats are of okay quality and the styles switch up way too much and not that well. Nothing really new here and pretty standard stuff. Lots of songs to listen to and not too much caught my attention. At this point meeting Key Notez was cool but it did not make the I-Pad any cooler. Features are pretty weak. If I had to go with 2 songs from this mixtape I would most likely grab.

Key Notez - Cougars (Prod. Jusamelody)


Key Notez - I Can (Prod. Beataddictionz)

Too much switching from R&B and Rap and whatever else. Practicing or sticking to one craft would probably help this mixtape. I like the R&B side of Key Notez if I had to pick.

Sound Production/Beats/Music Quality = 3/5

Flows/Song Concepts/Lyrics = 2.5/5

Listening Value/Download Worth/Playability = 2.5/5

As always everyone’s taste in music is different and my thoughts are not necessarily a result of anything meaningful. Read at your own risk :)

Allentown, PA artist Key Notez drops his latest mixtape Whoz Key Notez?.

Hit the break to watch the official music video for Blowed Out!

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01 Key Notez Intro ( Prod. Ninemusic)
02 Key Notez Jukebox
03 Key Notez Whoz Key Notez (Prod. Dj Dila & Ptbbeatz)
04 Key Notez Ft Y.Greez Gon Say
05 Key Notez Ft D.Dubs The One ( Prod. Hd-Flat)
06 Key Notez I Can (Prod. Beataddictionz)
07 Key Notez Ft S2B Act Right ( Prod. Geniusboy)
08 Key Notez Blowed Out (Prod. Key Notez)
09 Key Notez Ft Southsidedee Come Wit Us
10 Key Notez Bad Guy Good Guy (Interlude) (Prod. Ninemusic)
11 Key Notez Ygfsr
12 Key Notez Um On It (Prod. Key Notez)
13 Key Notez Ft Jayybee We Dont Gotta Brag ( Prod. Sarubeatz)
14 Key Notez Studio (Prod. Geniusboy)
15 Key Notez Ft Y.Greez Sextape (Prod. Ninemusic)
16 Key Notez & Y.Greez & Ry Leggins (Prod. Key Notez
17 Why Rap  Why Rap
18 Key Notez Ive Been Dreamin
19 Key Notez Diss Belief
20 Key Notez Cougars (Prod. Jusamelody)
21 Key Notez Looker (Prod. Hd-Flats)
22 Key Notez So Sweet (Prod. Jusamelody)

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